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Client FAQ

About The Client Dashboard

The Client Dashboard gives you access to a number of files that have been created as part of one of the projects that I have produced for you.

Such files will be made available through the ‘Manage Files’ link that you will see once you are logged in. The files are only made available to you. If you need, for example, a print-shop to have access to the files then please contact me to arrange access and I can set up temporary access to allow them to download the just the files they need.

If you haven’t already done so, please visit your profile and change your password. Please note that I’m unable to recover lost passwords. I will have to issue you with a temporary one which you can change when you log in.

Frequently Asked Questions

• What sort of files will be made available?
A number of files may be made available, including print-ready files. Files will usually be those to which you may require frequent access, such as business flyers, so if you arrange our own printing you can access the file and get them reprinted as you like.

• There’s a file which I can’t open. What is it?
It may be that you’ve been given access to certain files that need professional software to open and edit. Generally, these files will have been provided to supply to print shops etc.

• Are my invoices or other similar documents here?
No. Although this website is secure, I’ve taken the decision not to store sensitive information here. Copies of any documents can be requested.

• There’s a file I was expecting to see but it’s not here.
If a file is very large, it may not be possible to make it available here. This usually applies to video files, but can also include very large print files. Such files will be made available on disc, and I may also provide other arrangements.

• Why do you provide this service?
The hosting of files is a complimentary service which I offer. It enables my clients to have access to the files as I know that it can be all too easy to misplace them, or require them when you’re not able to access your computer.

• I can’t log in
Please ensure that you’re typing your username without adding a space, and that you don’t have Caps-Lock switched up when typing your password. For reasons of security, repeated failed log in attempts may result in your account being locked-down for a short period. Please contact me if you have any problems.

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