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Erichot-Preira Football Academy Stadium – 3D Design

A model of the proposed Erichot-Preira Football Academy Stadium. The building will have solar panels to generate its own electricity, and maybe enough to provide some power to other nearby buildings.

The roof is shaped to collect rainwater, and guide to to channels which lead to an on-site water treatment facility. A special superhydrophobic material will collect moisture from the air even in periods of little or no rainfall.

Where possible, all water would be recycled to be used again, probably for uses such as watering the pitch and showering. Ideally the recycled water would be of a suitable quality to provide clean drinking water.

The smaller stands contain shower blocks, changing rooms, storage facilities and accommodation – a number of twin bunk rooms, four single rooms and toilet facilities.

The building will also contain a canteen, a gym, first-aid / medical facility, offices, electricity facility, water facility, bicycle storage, recreation area and four visitor toilet blocks situated near each corner.

This is all part of a campaign to provide excellent sport facilities and other benefits to youths in Senegal. A fundraising campaign will be beginning soon.

Skills Range

  • 3D modelling / design
  • Animation

The first draft of the stadium.

The second draft of the stadium.

The third draft of the stadium.

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