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Graphic Design, Website Design and Marketing | Littlehampton, Chichester, Bognor Regis, Worthing, Brighton, Hove, Arundel – Sussex

Design And Marketing – Sussex

I produce graphic design, website design and marketing solutions for a multitude of businesses and organisations. I have work for clients not only here in Sussex but nationwide, and just once in a while, internationally.

Anything Is Possible

When you’re looking for something to be created, for instance a website, you want to know what can be done and you want the best for you and your business. The ‘hows’ come later.

At this point you may be expecting me to use the term ‘blue sky thinking’, and I did, but I didn’t enjoy it. However, I will say that by dismissing limitations, at least to begin with, it means I can provide you with you with solutions that meet your needs.

Graphic Design, Website Design, Marketing & Beyond

Although I started out as a website designer, I now do much more, so it’s probably better to tell you what I do, rather than what I am, e.g. ‘Creative (insert noun here*)’.

• Graphic Design • Website Design • Branding • Online/Offline Marketing • Social Media • Photography • Stage Design • Consultancy • And more

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"TIP #9. Having your company registration number on your website and an address will help inspire trust. The same goes for contact details."

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I can offer you full range of highly professional design services, no matter what you’re looking for, chances are I’ve done it before: posters, corporate stationary, brochures, flyers, marketing packs, menus. My services span all types of media. I have many years experience, and this has allowed me to hone my skills.


From simple websites of just a few pages, to larger, more complex sites, I’ve worked on sites ranging from several hundred pounds, to those enterprise scale ventures costing £50K plus. I won’t try and hard-sell you something that’s not suitable for your needs. Together we’ll identify exactly what the aims of your site are, and then work towards achieving those in the most relevant manner.


For smaller scale sites, I can also develop it, not just design it. Enterprise website development will usually require a team of people who have very specialist skills, however, for something a little smaller, I’m more than capable of taking your website from concept to full completion singlehandedly.


Need to sell goods online? I’ve helped number companies and organisations achieve this, advising on the best ways to make their goods available and process payments. Whether you’re just starting out with a few products, or looking to set-up shop through Amazon or eBay, I can help.


From company stationary, signage…in fact anything you could possibly require, and even things you haven’t thought of, I can design and prepare anything you require. I’m knowledgeable of pre and post print processes, so I’m able to advise on, and achieve any desired result, be it foil-blocking, die-cutting, or whatever you need.


I’ve produced successful advertising campaigns for a wide variety of clients. I can not only produce your advertising material, but advise on the most suitable platforms on which to promote your message. High quality and striking, you can be sure that people begin to notice your business.


Marketing, whether on-line, off-line, guerrilla, viral, I’m able to develop a coherent and workable campaign for your company, on time and to your budget, as always. Even with a tight budget I’m able to deliver effective and quality solutions


When it comes to Social Media, it’s all too easy to feel a little bit bewildered. How can you leverage Twitter to best effect? Is it worth your time to spend time on platforms which aren’t really suitable? I can go through your options with you and advise on the best steps to take. With all the so-called gurus out there saying you must do this on Facebook, and you must do that on Foursquare, it can feel as though you’ll need a platoon of assistants. In fact, not everything is suitable for every organisation. I’ll talk you through what will work for you.


Long-runs, or small ones, professional eye-catching packaging can make your produce stand out from the competition. I’ve worked on some innovative packing solutions for a number of clients.


Using a high-quality DSLR camera, I am able to produce stunning photographs either on location or in a studio. From product photography, to live events and weddings. I have much experience of both film and digital photography.


Need a video to promote your company? Or show off your products? Whether you want real footage, animation or 3D rendered scenes, I’m able to create and edit.


If it’s part of some graphic design work, for an animation or video, I can create 3D models (such as in the video I created for the proposed new football stadium in Senegal) and then use them in a variety of ways. So if you’re looking to have a product or even a building visualised, I can make it happen.


Professional and high-quality logo and branding will make your company come across to potential customers as one that’s professional and trust-worthy. First impressions really do count, and I can help ensure that you make a good one.


A way to engage with those contacts you have by using a properly designed HTML email with great visual impact, encouraging your customers to take action.


Part of the graphic design services that I can provide, infographics are a way of presenting lots of information in an engaging way, increasing knowledge of a particular subject (and in turn, your business). Infographics are very much in vogue at the moment as businesses of all sizes frequently utilise them. I’ve created a number of successful infographics for a number of clients worldwide.


I’m used to dealing with a varied range of clients, and producing high-quality work for them, no matter who their target audience are. I understand the requirements of larger businesses and their corporate needs, or smaller organisations who deal directly with the public.


Yet another skill in my arsenal. I have designed and constructed a number of sets for a range of theatre companies, for a number of award-winning shows which have toured the UK.


If you’d like to get in touch, you can find my details on my Contact Page

* and keep it clean

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