Freelance Graphic & Web Designer, Sussex

I am a fully-trained and highly experienced freelance graphic and web designer. As well as graphic and web design services in Sussex, I produce solutions for a multitude of businesses and organizations. My wide range of skills cover graphic design, web design, photography and more. As a result, no matter your requirements, I can help you. I have worked for clients not only here in Sussex but nationwide. Once in a while, internationally, in short, I have created work for a wide range of industries.

Graphic and Web Design Without Limitations

When you’re looking for something to be created, for instance a website, you want to know what can be done and you want the best for you and your business. Firstly, what do you want to achieve? The ‘how’s’ come later.

That is to say by dismissing all limitations, at least to begin with, means that I can provide you with creative and innovative solutions. In other words, solutions that meet your needs and get results.

Graphic Design Services

Graphic design infographic for a cloud computing company

I can offer you full range of highly professional freelance design services. So no matter what you’re looking for, chances are I’ve done it before: posters, corporate stationary, brochures, flyers, marketing packs, menus. My services span all types of media. To sum up, I have many years experience, and this has allowed me to hone my skills.

All the Design Services You Need

From company stationary, signage…in fact anything you could possibly require, and even things you haven’t thought of, I can design and prepare anything you require. In addition, I’m knowledgeable of pre and post print processes, so consequently I’m able to advise on, and achieve any desired result, be it foil-blocking, die-cutting, or whatever you need.

Brochures and programmes can be produced for any industry. I can advise on paper types and print finishes. Brochures are an ideal way to sell your services or goods to potential customers. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your brochure has the desired impact.

Posters need to catch the attention of your audience, in other words they need to catch the eye. Most importantly they need to entice them to take action. I can design professional posters which do just that, therefore generating interest.

Indoor signage, way finding signage or whatever else you need. Signage will be produced on brand, therefore reinforcing it. In addition to the design, I can advise on materials and printing methods.

Leaflets need to catch the attention of your potential customers, therefore ensuring they are not immediately discarded. I can design professional leaflets which work for you, consequently helping your business.

Just as posters need to catch the attention of your audience and entice them to take action. Flyers need to do the same to ensure they are not immediately discarded. I can design professional flyers which work.

Postcards can be a cheap and effective marketing tool to either send to potential clients, or a giveaways. Maybe you require postcards for more traditional purposes?

You shouldn’t underestimate the design of your business’ menus. The look and feel of your menus portrays a lot to your customers. In short, it can strongly influence their expectations.

The design of your magazine wholly depends upon the purpose and audience, much like a brochure. You need a design, and a look and feel which relates, that as a result reinforces your brand.

Book design is more than just the cover. Book design is the art of incorporating the content, style, format, design, and sequence of the various elements of a book into a coherent finished piece. For example, your weddings photos could be beautifully arranged in an equally beautiful book. Or your writing needs a book which does it justice.

Catalogue is just about showing your products, the design of your catalogue is part of the whole brand. Consequently, it needs to be designed carefully, creating something that sells your products.

Need some labels? For whatever purpose you need them for, I can design professional looking labels that grab people’s attention.

Make the best first impression possible with personalized business stationery from. Whether you’re looking for company letterheads, compliment slips, business cards, or anything else. I can create your bespoke business stationery all in one place, and advise on paper types and print finishes.

Direct mailers can be a very effective means of getting attention if done in a clever way. Brochures, letters, flyers, catalogues, postcards, coupons and packages are all possible examples. To prevent your direct mailers simply ending up straight in recycling, I can produce something to really grab people’s attention.

A press kit is an extension of your branding. It informs the press and media about your company, and includes all the relevant information.

Marketing is broad term, covering lots of different things. However, I have lots of experience creating lots of different marketing solutions. As a result, whatever you need, I can help you.

Annual reports are usually heavy on text, number s and details. Therefore, they need to be easy to read and have information displayed similarly. I can also create graphics, charts and any other content you require.

Usually ID cards aren’t anything fancy, but I can provide you with what you need.

Your logo is an important part of your business and brand. It’s usually what your customers will see first, and what they will remember. It’s important to get it right, as the right logo tells customers about your company and what it stands for.

Pens, tote bags, clothing, premium executive gifts, and everything in-between. Promotional items can serve as a lasting reminder of your business, and potential customers hold onto them for a long time. I can design and advise of suitable products. I may also be able to produce some items in-house.

Infographics can be a very useful tool to get people interested in your business or your products. They can be used to distil very complex information. They should be engaging, and encourage your audience to discover more.

My skills are varied, and I have a wealth of experience covering many disciplines, and many years. Please get in touch regarding your project, and let’s discuss what you need. I’m not just a graphic and web designer, I can design packaging and many other items.


A photo of a woman (Jane Austen) in period clothing. Part of a photo shoot for a Sussex based production company.

Although I am freelance graphic and web designer, Sussex based, I have mastered many other disciplines. Therefore, using professional equipment I can provide you high quality photographic services. I am able to offer services ranging from product photography to documenting live events.

It’s highly important to showcase your products in the best way possible. High-quality, professional product photography can achieve this. Product photography also needs to be correctly processed for inclusion into catalogues etc.

Do you need to showcase your work? You’ve worked hard on your work, therefore it’s important to show it at its best. Your portfolio must be shown in the best possible light, and I can certainly achieve that for you.

It’s your most important day, and above all, you want to ensure that the documenting of your special day is done properly. Most importantly, there’s no second chance to capture those moments.

There’s no second chance when it comes to documenting live events. As a result, it’s important that the photography is done properly first time. Using professional equipment I can therefore document your event for you.

Whatever your photographic needs, I can probably help. Staff photos, photography of your equipment or buildings, or whatever you need.

Web Design Services

Screen shot of website design for a Sussex antique company based in Hove.

Whether you’re a plumber requiring a small business site, a craftsperson wanting to sell your wares, or a theatre wanting an online booking system, I can design and build what you need. In short, my wealth experience as a graphic and web designer will ensure results.

Do you require a simple website for a small business, or do you require a fully-fledged ecommerce solution? I’ve created successful websites ranging from both, therefore I can create what you require.

WordPress is my preferred Content Management System (CMS) as my clients find it easy to use. Therefore, if you want a website that you can easily add to, I suggest WordPress. It’s a powerful and highly flexible CMS.

Not just web banners and adverts advertising your own business, but also useful for inclusion on your own website. Web banners and adverts can be used to inform customers of special offers. Banners and adverts, should be unobtrusive, but also eye-catching and encourage your customers to click.

The ever-changing landscape of changing Social Media cab be difficult to keep up with. However, they can offer excellent opportunities to reach your target audience. You can also build up sizeable followings.

Online marketing can often be seen as expensive to achieve good results. However, depending on your needs, effective and affordable online marketing is possible.

So you’ve got your business, or your online ecommerce shop, but can anyone find you? Having an online presence is a start, but ultimately pointless if people don’t know about you. Or if they can’t find you. Therefore, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an extremely important tool to attract website visitors. Don’t be caught out by companies offering auto SEO, or offering paid backlinks to your site. Those services are at best a waste of money. At worst, they’re incredibly damaging. During my time as a graphic and web designer I’ve also become proficient in SEO that works.

Having pre-made emails templates can greatly speed up your email marketing efforts. Similarly, having pre-made templates also ensure that your brand is consistent.

Although email marketing has fallen out of favour a little. (Don’t let email marketing companies tell you different). Email can still be a cost-effective way to market your goods and services. However, your audience needs to be carefully considered.

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising can be an effective way to drive traffic to your site, to get potential customers to take action. However, it needs to be carefully thought out if it’s to be successful.

Developing an online shop is one thing, but is it effective? Lots of businesses are vying for attention, therefore your shop needs to be effective. I can develop an ecommerce solution that makes things as painless as possible for your customers.