How I Work

When you’re looking for something to be created, for instance a website, you want to know what can be done and you want the best for you and your business. The ‘hows’ and logistics come later. By dismissing all limitations, at least to begin with, it means I can let my imagination roam, providing you with innovative solutions that meet your needs, and your aims. It’s always better to scale an idea down, than to try and scale one up.

1. The Design Brief

The departure point of a project is the brief. Analysis of the brief is needed to discover what the project is trying to achieve as its end result. The brief doesn’t define a project, but rather a challenge that needs to be overcome.

I redefine the brief to tackle that challenge, exploring it, and then seeking to solve it. Redefining the brief in this way means that your project will be more successful. I love challenges.

2. Research

I like to know whats going on in the design world and what new innovation’s there are, gaining new knowledge and trying new things. This is why my portfolio is so varied and why my clients benefit.

I pride myself on the research I undertake for my clients. Tied in with redefining the brief, the research returns the best possible solutions for your project, solutions that will achieve results.

3. Reasoning

It’s all very well to create something which looks nice, but will it achieve results? Solutions are decided upon through discussion with the client, with valid, thought-out reasoning behind each decision.

The reasoning behind decisions will take into account all aspects of the project, such as the timescale, budget, your requirements, and those of your customers.

4. Creation & Development

With a solid foundation, development of the project can begin. The most most relevant tools and technologies will be utilised in order to produce the best results.

You will be kept in the loop during the creation of the project as I critique and analyse the work throughout the development project.

5. Delivery

All deliverables will be produced on time and within the agreed budget range. I can also provide printing of materials if required, or source any other finished item.

6. Support

I enjoy the relationships that I have with my clients, and delivery of a project doesn’t mean that my input is over.

I’m happy to continue providing ongoing support as needed.