Graphic Design, Web Design, Photography +

I’m a graphic and web designer, Sussex based. From graphic design, web design, photography, marketing, logo design, branding and beyond. No matter what you need, I can provide you with high-quality design and business services. I’m a designer with many years experience having started out professionally in the early 2000’s. Because of my experience I’m able to supply you with a wide-range of services in-house. Thus providing you with a one-stop shop for all your design and creative needs. All at very competitive prices.

Do you need an eye-catching business card or advert? A glossy and elegant catalogue? Or simply an effective flyer? Whatever you need, I can create it for you. Over the years I have created graphic design for many types of items.

Website Design Sussex

From simple small business websites that incorporate just a few pages, to large, fully fledged ecommerce websites. I can build it for you. Above all, website design doesn’t mean much if your customers can’t find your site. If they do find it, does it do what they require?

Do you need an online booking system? Do you require the ability to sell physical and digital goods? Whatever you need, I can achieve it for you.

Certainly I will create a great looking website. However, I will also create a website that’s accessible to all. Moreover, I will adhere to current Search Engine Optimization (SEO) practices. As a result your site has a better chance of ranking high in search results.

Photography Sussex

Although I’m a graphic and web designer, Sussex based. I practice a number of disciplines. Photography and film being one of those. Photography isn’t just an art form. It’s a very technical discipline in its own right. Like your brand, custom photography can likewise help convey your company’s message and ethos. Using professional equipment, I can provide you with high quality, professional images for all your photographic needs.

All photographic work is created and then processed and delivered in suitable formats. For example, product photography will be isolated from the background. Therefore, meaning the photos can be used in catalogues etc. straight away. Likewise, photos for online applications will be properly compressed in order to ensure they load quickly.

Logo Design & Branding Sussex

Your logo is the central point of your branding. It’s what distinguishes you from your competition. Above all it should convey your business, and what you stand for. Your logo and brand needs to speak to your potential customers.

Your logo the face of your company. It has the potential to be seen by thousands or possibly millions of people. Above all, first impressions count. That’s because the design of your logo influences how your customers both perceive and recognise you. In addition, it makes them remember you over your competitors.

Laser Cutting & Laser Engraving Sussex*

*Coming soon; laser cutting and engraving. (~ November 2020)

Typically, laser cutting and engraving is a costly affair. Particularly if you’re looking for smaller runs and items. I’m now able to offer smaller scale laser cutting and engraving. I can do so at an affordable price. This is because I’m specifically set up for smaller projects. Typically, under 100 units.

I offer engraving on titanium and aluminium. Dark glass, shale, brick, concrete, and other materials can also be used. I can even etch on curved surfaces, like wine bottles.

Paper, wood, leather, acrylic, fabric, felt, cardboard, and many other materials can be cut.

White Ink Printing Sussex

Give added impact to your printed items by using white ink. White ink allows you print on the most vibrant or darkest of colours giving a distinct look.

White ink printing can be used for various effects, and can portray a number of values, from making something seem luxurious to authentic.