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Reporting Spam to Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and AOL

Spam is continuing to prove to be a huge problem. It’s not always a simple task to report spammers, but the more we do, the harder we make it for them. It would be useful if it was easier to report spam, and if some providers didn’t keep changing their reporting procedures, meaning that those searching for answers end up with dead links, and going around in circles.

Firstly, some spam statistics

The amount of spam which clogs-up the internet is staggering. It causes so many problems, such as wasted time (try adding up how much time you spend deleting/blocking spam), spreads viruses, scams people of their money, and just up vast amounts of technological resources that could be better used.

For the week ending 15th January 2012:
• India sent 13.6% of the worlds spam
• Russia sent 8.8%
• Veitnam: 7.1%

• In 2010, around 294 billion spam emails were sent daily
• Only around 200 – 300 people are responsible for this spam
• Spam is worth the risk and effort. Let’s say spammers are hitting 15 million email addresses, and just 1% of those open the email, that’s 150,000. Now say just .1% respond, that’s 150. People can be stung for hundreds of pounds a time by spammers, so the pay-offs do, sadly, add up. Just .01% of that 294 billion emails equals 29,400,00 – Blimey!
• Just opening an email can make the spammers money, and lets them know that your email address is active – prepare yourself for more spam

Reporting spam from a gmail account to Google

‘I would like to report a Gmail user who has sent messages that violate the Gmail Program Policies and/or Terms of Use.’

Google has a pretty straight-forward reporting form. Links are below.



Yahoo! Abuse Help Topics: Report SPAM or Phishing

Yahoo’s reporting is alos nicely straight-forward.


Reporting Spam to Microsoft – Hotmail, Live and MSN

Reporting to Microsoft depends upon which address the spam is coming from. You should address an email to report_spam@hotmail.com, report_spam@msn.com or report_spam@live.com (Depending on the originating mail domain: hotmail or msn or live).

Be sure to include the full email header


Report an email as spam to AOL

Just one email address this time: abuse@aol.com. Again, be sure to include the full email header.


What if those links or email addresses no longer work? Or the spam is from a different address?

As time goes on, the email companies will redesign their sites, breaking links and changing email addresses.

You can try the following address to find the correct place to report spam: http://abuse.net/. http://www.spamcop.net/ is also a good place to try, as it http://www.m86security.com/labs/submitting.asp

I really can’t be bothered though

I hear you, I do, but a little effort on everyone’s part makes the difference. I’ve had persistent spam from a couple of address and trying to block them via SpamAssassin on my email account without success. I went straight to the providers where it was coming from, and zap! I never had another from those addresses. That means no one else is either.

Have I convinced you yet?

Although it does take a little effort of your part, it does make a difference. You’ll notice it yourself hopefully. Meanwhile, the movers and shakers in the internet world are continuing to make it harder for spammers, and make it easier for you to report.

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  1. the links to yahoo spam reporting have changed…seems you cannot report spam to yahoo from an AOL or other account as the page has disappeared

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