‘Jeffrey Driver, who was responsible for updating our preschool website, has done a brilliant job. He has done so professionally, efficiently and with an excellent knowledge of website design, and have learnt a lot from him about website design and other IT related issues. I would highly recommend him for any website requirements. Thank you so much, Jeff.’
Goldi Novkovic – Chair of Blackboys Preschool

‘Many thanks Jeff for your professionalism and your keen attention when furthering my projects. Seeing the development of my work has been an extremely satisfying experience. I wish you great success in your design career and sincerely believe that you deserve it.’
Nivaldo Preira – www.african-sculpture.co.uk


Get Carter – Stage Design
‘With all the space in the world to play with, the set designer [Jeffrey Driver] has done clever work laying out Carter’s declining hometown, so that Jack can leave his digs and simply walk across stage find himself in the pub’
Richard Stamp – Fringe Guru

Get Carter – Stage Design
‘…the stage set was imaginative…’
Steve Clements – Latest 7

Get Carter – Website & Marketing
‘Good quality marketing, online adverts and a fantastic website created high expectations for James Weisz’s production.’
Richard Staplehurst – Fringe Review