About Me

I produce graphic design, website design and marketing solutions for a multitude of businesses and organisations. I have work for clients not only here in Sussex but nationwide, and just once in a while, internationally. Although I started out as a website designer, I now do much more, and have a wealth of experience and a vast range of skills. Not only did I study design for quite a fair few years, I have also worked within busy design agencies, honing my skills and a large variety of projects.

An Enquiring Mind

I was the sort of child who would take things apart to see how they worked (and have an impressive success rate of putting them back together), in fact I sometimes still do. I’m certainly not afraid to get out of my comfort zone and try approaching things a little differently.

So What Do I Do?

I’m a designer who specialises in producing bespoke and thoroughly researched design. I start by looking at your audience and the goals you wish to achieve and then tailor your project to enable you to achieve them.

Why Do I Do It?

A highly creative individual, I like to try many different things and am constantly learning new skills and gaining new knowledge. I also really enjoy a challenge.