• Stencyl – Speed Up/Down, Fast Forward/Slow Motion
    Being able to speed up, or slow down a game is useful in many instances. Think about Turret Defence games where you can speed up the game for durations that would otherwise be either boring, or taxing, to the player. (E.g. not enough is happening, or too much is going … Read more
  • Stencyl – Limiting / Removing Decimal Places
    When dealing with numerical values and returning scores, etc. you may notice that sometimes values are returned with extraneous decimal values, such as 456.000000000002. This is great for accuracy, but not so great when you want to return values to the player, such as scores, damage per second, and so … Read more
  • Stencyl – Creating a Dynamic Inventory
    RPG’s, Point & Click games, and many, many, others use inventory systems. Such systems range from relatively basic ones, to fully fledged dynamic systems. While working on game that was non-linear, I needed a dynamic inventory system. What is a dynamic inventory system? In this instance I’m talking about an … Read more
  • Stencyl – Custom Grain Effect
    Stencyl has some powerful built-in filters called ‘Shaders’ that can be used to create pretty much any effect that you desire. The only downside to these shaders is that they’re limited to certain platforms so they don’t currently work on mobile or web. I was after a grain effect that … Read more
  • Stencyl – Turn an actor slowly towards another
    Making one actor point towards, or face another is a relatively easy affair. However, simply pointing an actor towards another is rather limited, and may not be what you’re after. Why would you like to change the speed of rotation? Being able to change the rate of speed at which … Read more
  • WordPress Brute Force Attack 2016
    Date: Monday 28 March 2016 There’s currently a massive brute force attack taking place against WordPress websites. My site is currently being hit dozens of times a minute from IP addresses from all over the world – must be a bot-net. Take precautions and lock-down your site from attempted logins … Read more
  • How to speed up WordPress (and other websites)
    21 ways to make your website faster WordPress, like many other Content Management Systems (CMS) and websites, can suffer from being a little sluggish. There are a huge number of different things that affect the speed of your website. Some are easy to solve, while others can be more difficult … Read more
  • Why Would Hackers Attack my Website?
    “Why would hackers attack my website?” is the question I asked myself when I saw a huge spike in malicious activity. My site is relatively small, and although I’d like to say I get hundreds of page views a day, I (at the time of writing) don’t. Much of the … Read more
  • Buttons-for-website.com Referrer Spam
    If you run a website and regularly keep an eye on your analytic data, chances are you’ve come across the referrer URL buttons-for-website.com. Unfortunately this isn’t legitimate website traffic, but is referrer spam. Anyone Received Semalt Referrer Spam? Chances are that you’ve also had Semalt.com appear in your referrer stats … Read more
  • Shop Front Window (Empty) Templates (Vol.2) – Free Downloads
    Here is a further selection of 3D rendered images of some empty shop fronts, with different window configurations, and doors. These have a more decorative brick work than the first volume. They’re particularly useful for creating window display mock-ups for clients. The download link can be found at the bottom … Read more