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General Marketing Advice Tips

Marketing is a vast and complex subject. It needs careful consideration if it’s to be done right, and can be an expensive mistake if done wrongly. Here are some tips about marketing in general, and its aims.

1. What are your strengths and who will appreciate them?

Marketing isn’t a ‘one-size-fits-all’ exercise; carefully targeting your marketing to a specific group means that it’s likely to be more effective and that your efforts aren’t wasted by trying to appeal to people who won’t want/need your product or service.

2. Understand the wants and needs of your customers

What need or desire of your customer will you be fulfilling? Think about what you are offering and which needs you will be meeting.

3. Differentiate yourself from the competition

How will you be different from your competition? There’s a number of ways you can do this, will it be price? Level of service?

4. Be clear about what you and your business stands for

People love consistency and consistency will help you strengthen your brand. What is your message? Will people remember you for it?

5. Fail to plan…

…and plan to fail. Trite but true. Figure out your goals and a way to measure results.

6. Don’t assume people want what you’re selling

This is particularly true of new products. Although it’s great to find a niche and fill it, do your research first. What problem is your product resolving?

7. Marketing isn’t…

Just having a website, placing an ad in the paper, having a leaflet, or trying to sell the same thing to everybody.

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