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The List (The Self) – Self Directed

The List was the final MA project born of 12 months research and smaller exploratory projects based upon the notion of the Self, and what it means to be an individual. My MA was spent looking at differences in personality as I was interested in psychology behind our reactions. Namely, why would a particular event in someone’s life affect them dramatically, where another person would be able to simply ‘shrug it off’ and carry on as normal.

The research delved primarily into Jungian psychology, examining the facets of the psyche, and looking at shared experiences. The project allowed people to draw their own conclusions about me, as an individual, unaware that it allowed me to test their wide-ranging reactions to my work.

The List was an attempt to document everything in my life. A task so huge as to be impossible, though it certainly didn’t stop me trying. It was purposely designed to be sterile and focussed solely on information, not emotion.

PDF: The list

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