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Plays for Coarse Acting – Design

About The Project

Coarse acting is style that ridicules amateur dramatic groups with over-acting, forgotten lines, missed cues and ropey scenery.

Rather brave for a small theatre company to take on something that is self-mocking, but the show was a huge success. Only great acting, directing and so on can pull off something like this, making it hilarious instead of just ludicrous.

The show took place at new Venture Theatre, Brighton. I was asked to design a throne, on wheels, that would collapse on cue. Carefully constructed so that a single pin held the throne together. Moments before the actor sitting in the throne was to make it collapse, another actor would simply slide the pin out of the back, unseen by the audience.

Skills Range

  • Prop Design
  • Prop Construction

Plays for Coarse Acting 1
Plays for Coarse Acting 2
Plays for Coarse Acting 3
Plays for Coarse Acting 4

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