CSS3 Text Styling, Drop Shadows and Other Cool Effects

CSS3 is coming soon

In fact it’s already here in vary degrees with the majority of browsers already supporting a number of tags, though the final iteration of CSS3 hasn’t yet been decided upon.

Us geeks are very excited about it. Why all the hype? Traditionally, interesting graphic effects and typography on websites has been done with images, particularly where the designer has wanted to use a font which isn’t widely used (and so wouldn’t display on computers which didn’t have that font). CSS3 means that haven’t to resort to using images for everything will be a thing of the past.

So fancy graphics. Is that all?

The benefits and abilities of CSS3 are much more wide-reaching than just making things look nice, particularly as it will be accompanied by HTML5, but I’m not going to go into all that business here.

I just want to demonstrate some cool typography effects that can be achieved using CSS3 alone, of course, this depends on the capabilities of your web browser.

Test your browsers CSS3 support capabilities here

I’m not a designer, what is CSS3?

There are a number of programming and scripting languages that are used to create webistes. The main ones are HTML and CSS. To put it simply, HTML provides the content of the page while CSS tells the content what it should look like.

The examples below depend on the support of CSS3 that your web browser currently has. Internet Explorer users beware: most, if not all of the examples will not work. Internet Explorer has always obstinately interpreted HTML/CSS differently from the other browsers and generally has extremely limited support for CSS3.

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