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Design, Web and Print Glossary, Terms, Definitions – T


Tagline – A sentence that clearly and concisely sums up the campaign message.

Target – Often followed by “Audience” this is the demographic which a campaign, product or service is aimed at.

Template – A template is something which acts as the basis for something else. For example, a WordPress template defines the overall look of a site, but each page can be customised. The same applies to print where a set template is created and then different pages are variations of it.

Text Wrap – Where text, instead of extending past the visible screen or defined boundary automatically drops to the next line..

TIFF – A high quality image file format.

Thumbnail – A small image, often a scaled-down version of a larger image used to help aid navigation or help the viewer choose what’s relevant / interests them.

Through The Line – This refers to interactive media advertising.

Truisms – Simple “facts of life” that can be effective is their use as they are widely recognised, simplistic, and hard to argue against.

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