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Design, Web and Print Glossary, Terms, Definitions – V


Validation – Checking HTML and CSS code to ensure that it is valid and cross-browser friendly so that it complies with the standards set by the World Wide Web Consortium. W3C.

Vector – Vectors are methods of drawing which store data, such as points of a line and mathematical formulas to calculate curvature etc. and then use this data to render images on screen. As a result, vector graphics are smaller in files size and can be scaled up or down with no reduction in quality.

Vignette – (1) A vignette, in graphic design, is a decorative design usually placed to separate sections or chapters in books. (2) A brief scene, either in literature, a play or film that gives a greater insight into one particular aspect.

Vignetting – This refers to the darkening or reduction in quality (most noticeably in the corners) of photographic images. This can be due to mechanical or optical effects, or may have been added post-production.

Viral – Used to describe how marketing and other media can spread via word of mouth.

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