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Design, Web and Print Glossary, Terms, Definitions – B


Balance – A term used to describe the aesthetic or harmony of elements, whether they are photos, art or copy, within a layout or design.

Balloon – Anything that encircles copy / text.

Banner (Web) – A web-based advert, either static, animated or interactive.

Baseline – In typography, this refers to the imaginary line upon which sits the text. Rounded items will actually sit just below this line to give balance as visually, a letter with a rounded bottom will appear to sit slightly higher than it actually does.

Below The Line – Marketing that is direct, such as Direct Mailers.

Bezier line – A path defined by the position of the four control points that are located at the ends of the tangents of the vertices. The length and angle of the tangents describe how a path deviates from linear between its vertices.

Bible Paper – A lightweight, yet reasonably strong paper of the sort typically used in bibles.

Bind – Most frequently refers to books, but can include any printed material where the sheets are bound by string, wire, glue, or other method.

Bitmap – A graphics mode where the resulting image is constructed of pixels (as opposed to vectors).

Bleed – In printing, the bleed refers to an area that ‘bleeds’ over the edge of the document area. This is done so that background colours / images and so on will not have have white borders due to minor error margins that can occur when trimming printed objects.

Blind Image – This refers to an image that is embossed, de-bossed, stamped or watermark that is created through creating the image as part of the papers texture and not using inks or foils.

Blocking – This is when printed sheets (usually freshly printed) stick together, resulting in damage when they are separated.

Blow-Up – An enlargement of an image.

Blurb – A brief description that is found on the back of book jackets. They are designed to entice the reader.

BMP – Windows bitmap file format. It ‘lossless’, meaning uncompressed so that image quality is preserved. Its use is dwindling as there are better options available.

Body – In print or on the web, this refers to the main text area.

Borrowed Interest – A technique of using something already famous to help sell a product or service. Examples are celebrity endorsements and give-aways.

Brand (Branding) – The brand is what sets a product apart from its competitors. The idea of the brand transcends the physical properties of the product and incorporates a great deal of other elements.

Brand Loyalty – This is the trusting relationship that customers feel towards a particular brand and the reasons why they like it.

Bronzing – An effect which is created by dusting wet ink with a metallic powder.

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