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Design, Web and Print Glossary, Terms, Definitions – C


Call To Action – On a website or in other marketing media, a ‘call-to-action’ is something which encourages the customers to perform an action e.g. request a brochure.

Campaign – A series or marketing efforts.

Cap Height – In typography, this is the distance from the baseline to the top of the capital letters.

Caption – Copy which accompanies a photo, illustration etc. Descriptive text.

CGI – An external application that is executed by a HTTP server in response to an action you perform in a Web browser, such as clicking a link, image, or another interactive element of a Web page.

Character – This to refers to any symbol, such as a letter, number, punctuation.

CMYK – This is a colour mode used for printing materials: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and BlacK. The colour amounts are expressed as percentages – meaning a total of 400% is possible, though this can cause issues when printing as the material being printed onto can become over-saturated.

Cliché – Any phrase, visual or idea that’s now trite and hackneyed.

Collate – The act of organising paper into it’s final order, ready for binding.

Colour Channel – Each channel represents one level of color in the image; for example, RGB has three color channels, while CMYK has four. When all the channels are printed together, they produce the entire range of colours in the image.

Comb Bind – A bind using a flexible plastic comb that is curled.

Comparative Advertising – Any ad or campaign that directly or indirectly compares itself to one or more competing brands.

Compression – Refers to the method of ‘compressing’ files, most commonly images and videos, in order to make the file sizes smaller. Compression will reduce quality, so it’s a bit of an art to compress something correctly.

Comps / Comprehensives – Drafts of a piece of work.

Concepts – The concept is the deeper thought behind an ad or strategy.

Contrast and Contradiction – When a headline or other headline conflicts or contradicts the visual, creating tension and surprise.

Contrasting Pair / Headline Twist – Where a strap-line or slogan uses contrasting terms. e.g. Argos’ “Famous names at unheard of prices.”

Copy – Apart from its more obvious meaning, being a duplicate of something, it refers to written text.

Creative Process – A term that encompasses stages that are undertaken as part of a project.

Creep – Refers to the middle pages of a document extending outwards slightly of the outer-most pages.

Crop Marks – Small guidelines which are exported on printed material to indicate where they should be trimmed as part of the print-finishing processes.

Cropping – Cutting out the required part of an image, discarding the rest.

Cure – To allow inks, varnishes and other coatings to dry properly.

Cut Back – A technique in either TV or Radio where after the ‘action’ was interrupted by, for instance a voice over, then cuts back to the action briefly.

Cutting Die – The plate, usually custom ordered, that is used to cut materials.

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