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Design, Web and Print Glossary, Terms, Definitions – F


Fast Colour – Inks which are designed to retain their vibrancy as the product is repeatedly used and washed.

File Type – The type of digital file, identified by its suffix. e.g. .pdf, .eps, .doc.

Finish – (1) The surface of a certain paper, defined by the characteristics of the surface. (2) A broad term applied to cover the multitude of port-print operations that can be undertaken, for instance trimming and binding.

Flash – A technology that provides enhanced interactivity predominately on websites, but can be included as part of other mediums, such as video games. However its use is diminishing as newer technologies appear.

Font – The term given to a complete collection of letters, symbols, characters of a given typeface.

Form – Applies to areas on websites where the user will input data. Login forms and contact forms for example.

Frame (animation) – A frame is a single image, one of many that makes up an animation or video.

Frame (web) – A defined area on a webpage that is used to break the page up into separate sections.

FTP (File Transfer Protocol) – The method by which a server is accessed to allow files to be uploaded/downloaded.

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