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Design, Web and Print Glossary, Terms, Definitions – G


Gerunds – These are words which end in “ing”. You should avoid having too many of these close together.

Ghosting – Whereby elements in the background are visible through foreground elements. Sometimes this occurs as an undesired effect when printing.

Gif – An image file designed specifically for the web. It allows transparency, and can also be animated. It typically has a low number of colours and small file size.

Glow – Can provide a similar effect to a drop-shadow, this will provide a glowing edge either on the inside or outside of a shape.

Gradient – A gradient defines with subtle blending from one colour to another.

Grid – A method which is used to layout content either for print or web. Well thought-out grids are based upon mathematical formula.

Guerilla – Usually followed by “advertising” or “marketing”, this applies to ambient media, often using people, stunts and props to create innovative campaigns.

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