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Design, Web and Print Glossary, Terms, Definitions – I


Idea – The same as concept.

Imposition (Pagination) – The process of arranging pages ready for printing. Although we read items in numerical order, a different order needs to be applied depending on how the item is to be printed.

Indirect Visual – An image or graphic that is somewhat related to the headline, either directly or indirectly. Used to convey mood and feeling.

Interface (User Interface) – Either on a web page, mobile phone, or any other interface which a user interacts with.

Interruptive Methods – This refers to web advertising that interrupts the user by using tricks like pop-ups, animated banners etc. Web users find these extremely annoying.

Interstitials – As Interruptive Methods, these are unsolicited web pages that appear to user before they can access the page they wanted to see.

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